156: Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Henry

the popularity of the millicochran with the ladies

155: Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Henry


154: Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Henry

an inclinometer vs an astrolabe proper

153: Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Henry

death scenarios

152: Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Henry

legendary Anatomy Warehouse chats

151: Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Henry

Brad's nightmare paperclip McDonald's dream

150: Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Henry

Dreams of AI and paperclips, Riki-Oh, Adam's fear, Star Trek programming value, and Yomi. links: Riki-Oh Head Smash...

149: Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Henry

a blank field of asparagus

148: Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Henry

Brad walks the many spaghettied path

147: Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride

he stole the rug undo

146: Get This Man Some Ritz Crackers

We host a competitive game among our special guests

145: Gutterballs Rewind: The Two Ball Situation

the bathrobe revelation.

144: Johnson? - Dwayne Johnson

Once every million years you get just the tip.

143: Regarding Regarding Regarding Henry

Following up on Caviar Night at The Olde Country Buffet

142: Gutterballs Rewind: Seventh Son

blazing kayak sledding trails

141: Skarsgardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 10

managing vegetable oil drink expectations

140: Skarsgardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 9

atop the triangle sat a man

139: Skarsgardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 8

weird irrigation experiments

138: Skarsgardians Of The Galaxy, Vol. 7

return of the man on a bike attached to a tube attached to a bus

137: Skarsgardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 6

the green creamy nut meat receptacle

136: Skarsgardians of the Galaxy, Queen Bey Edition

Timing applies to life and nonlife

135: Skarsgardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 5

earnest prank calls

134: Skarsgardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 4

lipwhisks and yellowjacket Ziploc bags

133: Skarsgardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 3

Water bears, the scale of aquaticity, Superman's coal-crushing days, aquatic-monkey-snowballs, Sorcerer-style potential horrors, and learning to love Barry Manilow....

132: Skarsgardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2

a pea-sized amount of cuttlefish

131: Skarsgardians of the Galaxy

Perth Amboy are two nice words together

130: Gutterballs Rewind: The Big Sleep

a forced birth homunculus, epistemology, ether binges, the history of dry cleaning....

129: Styx And Scones II

A skin mask that a nothing is wearing.

128: Johnson? - Agents Johnson and Johnson

Johnsons vs VelJohnson while John McClane is a millennial in the Japanese Business Tower....

127: Johnson? - LBJ

Lyndon Baines Johnson, his bunghole, and the elusiveness of truth. LINKS: The Cracked Podcast on LBJ LBJ's bunghole needs room Rod Johnson Air Hell in the Pacific...

126: Ancient Greek Nautical Technology Part 2 (AGNT2)

goats on a boat

125: Ancient Greek Nautical Technology

behaviorism, belonging, and ancient greek nautical technology....

124: Regarding Regarding Henry

Caviar Night at the Old Country Buffet

123: Trekballs Episode 001

Larry Allen is a gazelle, height, weight, and speed work from the line out, Tongo Rad, Nimoy tries to act out some shambles, anti-Dennis-Leary propaganda piece. Links: Trek Balls...

122: Gutterballs Rewind: No, Father! Don't!

Take a trip back in time to explore Gutterball's broken legacy. LINKS: The Real Liam on Twitter The Goodbyes Book Trailer The Glimpses...

121: Styx And Scones

Brad and Adam discuss Styx 1 while Adam bakes scones....

120: Catching Up With Brad And Adam

Brad and Adam go "Daaaaa" in unison

119: The Tao of the Dude

revisiting Fahey

118: The Final Poopdeck

a too-detailed description of these may have upon the moron

117: Piacere Sequence

Grenade toss dynamics

116: SeƱor Greaser

Rex Grizzelby vs Max Rebo, Que divertido!

115: There's A Thousand Pretty Women Livin' Out There

Apple's time-sensitive computer bomb, Johnny 5 as Skynet, heart reelin' vs. brain reelin', baboon asses, Chewbacca's bright red ass, Star Trek II and Chekov, Styx and Pink Floyd as contemporaries, Brad is taxed, Brad teaches Adam about the industry lingo,...

114: Big Dave Diliberto

The threat of asbestos, circular shoutouts, screwball comedies, David O. Selznick, 44: The Next Movie, Shawn Colvin conundrum, the Rain Man soundtrack, Reinery vs. Levinson-y, a brief history of Doc Pomus, the worst part of The Big Lebowski, how dated...

113: Catch Ya Later On Down The Trail

another triumph for the arts

112: Takin' 'Er Easy For All Us Sinners

selling baby teeth on etsy

111: The Dude Abides

agelessness of motion pictures

110a: Jen Ralston On The Ins and Outs Of Foley Editing

A Gutterballs Special Presentation with special guest Jen Ralston, who worked on foley editing for The Big Lebowski

110: Your Silk Upholstered Chair

Barton Finkin' yourself

109: Dude, It Was An Accident

Camilo's back, a reverse gut punch (a gut pull?)

108: What We Think Your Dying Wishes Might Well Have Been

a composite posit

107: Just Because We're Bereaved Doesn't Make Us Saps

there's a lot said in the unsaid, Sting might be Flea

106a: It Is Our Most Modestly Priced Receptacle

more little wooden children than you can imagine and a very problematic binder

106: Don't Need It, We're Scattering The Ashes

when you're deep in the Catholic

105: It's A Heart Attack

A very special scripture-heavy episode

104: Walter, Come On, He's Got A Sword Thing, Man

ear gnawing mythbusters

103: What's Mine Is Mine

The fear of soilment as result of urine circuses

102: We Want Ze Money, Lebowski

the whimsy of hobos

101a: Bush League Psych-Out Stuff

some trivia about the top of Mt. Washington

101: Eyeball To Eyeball

Gutterfreaks that Gutterball together Gutterstay together

100: Achtung, Baby

On the occasion of our 100th episode The Dudely Lama graces us with his presence

099: You Human Paraquat

climbing off the potato and outta the stew

098: She Never Even Kidnapped Herself

longest preamble ever

097: From Moses to Sandy Koufax

We can't believe Brewster's Million's has 3,000 years of beautiful tradition

096: A Ringer For A Ringer

a legit whip-pan

095: Lingonberry Pancakes

No Fear, No Death

094: I'm Just Helping Her Conceive, Man

a little toolshed where He made us suffer

093: I'm A Brother Shamus

how short life is

092: My Thinking About This Case Has Become Very Uptight

Anal retentiveness and bulk pickup days

091: It Increases The Chances Of Conception

the geography of The Dude's apartment

090: A Pretty Strict Drug Regimen

17 life hacks we learned from the Big Lebowski (you won't believe #4)

089: Not The Compromised Second Draft

please write to us and let us know if we talked about Jeff Bridges' marriage in a previous episode

088: Love Me

the Kahlua is intact

087: Outta My Cab

the pedigree of gold bricking

086: I'm Sorry, I Wasn't Listening

The dude and his stunt double

085: Is This Your Only ID?

the only two things in The Dude's wallet

084: Yeah, Yeah, Oh, Yeah

Epic hot sauces talk

083: What Condition My Condition Was In

tridents and bowling ball brazier armor

082: I Tore My Mind On A Jagged Sky

Brad tears Adam's mind on a jagged house on the rock.

081: Gutterballs

Our titular episode!

080: You Mix A Hell Of A Caucasian, Jackie

an attempt to prioritize The Dude's most perilous moments

079: What's In It For The Dude?

Jackie Treehorn's naked humanoid penis sketch

078: I Want Mine

corporate mind jail, bowling alley-esque furniture and the music motivation

077: Wave Of The Future, Dude

Virtual Valerie and Leisure Suit Larry

076: I'm Jackie Treehorn

speed ramping and gratuitous nudity

075: It Did Not Look Like Larry Was About To Crack

We talk about Jaws for half an hour

074: Oye Como Va

Walter's distressed forehead rubbing and an elastic hobo sack

073: Do You See What Happens, Larry?

feeding a stoned stranger scrambled eggs in the Alps

072: Is This Your Homework, Larry?

the turnabout of The Dude being the threatener of castration

071: And A Good Day To You, Sir!

Another installment of Endocrinology with Brad and Adam

070: We Came To Talk About Little Larry

a never-ending parade of gut punches

069: Bulk Of The Series

Brilliance On Both Ends: The Autobiography of Walter Sobchak

068: Those Are Good Burgers, Walter.

the jerky and the furtive

067: The Louisiana Puchase

A very poo-chase report, the economics and craft of creating CARcasses of Hollywood cars, a strangely calm driver, getting schooled in the sweatiness of Data's mother by a 9-year-old Irish girl, why The Dude didn't have an intimate experience with...

066: Could You Slide Your Shorts Down, Please?

a long-awaited Creedence payoff

065: A Lotta Strands In The Ol' Duder's Head

augmentative vs. majoritive

064: Look In My LPs

We go through Maude's LP collection and discover NagelBett's track listing

063: The Bar's Over There

video artists with fire and water, a parade of buffoonery, an unfortunate slur

062: Take 'er Easy, Dude

the vagaries of bowling alley ambience in the form of worn out air handling units

061: I like your style, Dude

what's in a moustache suck

060: You Cannot Drag This Negative Energy Into The Tournament

rule of thirds spanning three framings at the bar

059: They Were Threatening Castration. Are We Gonna Split Hairs Here?

Adam and Brad reach the halfway point and discover the truth about space pens and pencils

058: They Got Us Working In Shifts!

Brad's two inch pigeon meets Adam's super bicycle force field rod

057: We Cut Off Your Johnson!

some possible uncertainty surrounding the term "abutment"

056: Hey, This Is A Private Residence, Man

toe ballet defense of farmots while panicked stammering ensues; Rock of Ages is "a little serious"

055: Enjoying My Coffee

an errant joint falls to the counter

054: You Want A Toe?

Walter's Small Walter butt parasite forehead

053: I Will Not Abide Another Toe

the genesis of the Abide

052: That Had Not Occurred To Us, Dude

adventures in self micturation

051: What In God's Holy Name Are You Blathering About?

arthroscopic sweatshirt surgery

050: Careful, Man, There's A Beverage Here

Camilo isn't wearing pants

049: He's A Good Man, And Thurrah...

aged now-undecipherable slang

048: Bones, Or Clams, Or Whatever You Call Them

The sad news about PS-Hoff

047: Ich Bin Expert

Early life coal-based adventures, creamer fallacies, fauxrnication

046: A Natural, Zesty Enterprise

the effort required to create bad porn-style shots in a major motion picture

045: Johnson?

Brad and Adam are joined by special guest Laura

Phone's Ringing Dude: Wet Streets

It's raining men! Why are asphalt streets in the movies always wet? Brad and Adam struggle to answer listener mail.

044: My Art Has Been Commended As Being Strongly Vaginal

Ambient art chant, the embodiment of the scissor painting, when Vlad met Slaughter

043: The Dude Is Not In

The unbequizalled story of the origins of the cornhole, cornbag, blood run lodge, aquatic monkey boy, and the golden man. We also talk a bit about the dude, his answering machine, the cops, and Maude's setting.

042: Papers. Just papers. You Know, My Papers. Business Papers.

contrasting the stern cop and the fastidious cop

041: Say, Dude? Where Is Your Car?

A multitude of revisits and, of course, more foot scrapes

040: They're Gonna Kill That Poor Woman!

pondering the possible level of awkwardness in the cutaways to Donnie, examining The Dude's body wracking anger

039: What Exactly Is The Problem?

a curiously wooden excited pen toss

038: Etz Chaim Hi, Dude

Walter's use of Hebrew and non-Euclidean geometry

037: Here Goes The Ringer

Adam regulates, The Dude's impressive physical fitness, and the Green Leotard Man of Adam's dream

036: Once A Plan Gets Too Complex Everything Can Go Wrong

Plans like swiss watches, baksheesh

035: You're Being Very Undude

Getting Lebowski on the National Film Registry, the most non-Zen moment

034: Her Life Was In Our Hands

Brad no longer withholds the punch

Phone's Ringin' Dude: Class Warfare

The Titular Lebowski vs. The Dude - who won? Brad and Adam struggle to answer viewer mail.

033: Laundry, The Whites

Walter in his glory, duck-billed chipmunk dragons

032: Her Life Is In Your Hands

the various types of shmorgusborgii

031: Man In Me, Part II

Brad and Adam are joined by a maker of films, the mystery of the first shot revealed, composite jobs

030: Til It Goes Click

saying goodbye to The Jesus, what's going down at the Cape Cod Playhouse in Hyannis

029: Yeah? Well, You Know... That's Just, Like, Uh... Your Opinion, Man

drawing lines in economic sand, Jesus chortles, and the inevitability of "cute results" in a base 10 number system

028: Life Does Not Stop And Start At Your Convenience

Pinkie takes a peek and the essential nature of The Jesus going door to door,

027: That Creep Can Roll, Man

the re-doubled zelnicker astoundment, the flopped shot from last minute, and an extra-special musical send off

026: The Jesus

The invitingly watchable motions of The Jesus, the Dude's bull-like twin nostril smoke jets, and Brad gets his Chev Chelios on

025: Why Me, Man?

Cowards, weaklings, bums

024: Mind If I Do A J?

the unlikelihood of the Titular Lebowski's mastery of "scale to fit"

023: We've Had Some Terrible News

the strongly influential Babe Ruth of Japan and the fallacy of the Prince symbol with a smiley face

022: I'd Love It If You Came And Gave Me Notes

The Zelniker Astoundment and The Dude's landlord's real name

021: Of Course It Contravenes A Number Of The League's Bylaws

getting lost in the colors and patterns of space and time of The Dude's rug and the skinny bowler of Adam's nightmare

020: Calmer Than You Are

the impossible geometries of the dream reality and the impossible geometries of the dream reality

019: You Are Entering A World Of Pain

Brad and Adam are joined by Christine to talk about the dog's man mumbles

018: Over The Line!

everyone's favorite toothy Critters ripoffs: The Wronglers

017: Brandt Can't Watch, Though

Finding truth in a fictional world more true than our own, lighting the dude's face with an artificial sun

016: Blow

the truth about the human paraquat, the inflation of the pea-sized amount, and the experience of Lebowski with the virgin mind

015: Condolences, The Bums Lost

the filmically true way to walk 18 feet to a door, the origins of giant dust motes,

014: This Aggression Will Not Stand, Man

Brad and Adam are joined by psychologist and linguist Victoria Saxby to talk about the the doppelgangistic connection between the titular Lebowski and Walter

013: You're A Lebowski, I'm A Lebowski... That's Terrific

The more you crow the less you know

Phone's Ringin' Dude: Suspension Of Disbelief

A listener question about suspension of disbelief in our first ever mailbag segment

012: Nancy's Pretty Good...

solving the mystery of the tilted Urban Achievers plaque, Walt-rotica, the evolution of the Time magazine font throughout the ages

011: Please Feel Free To Inspect Them

Brad and Adam get creeped out by photos of men's jellied legs, Brant's tells, and how to buy a Big Gulp after civilization crumbles

010: That Rug Really Tied The Room Together, Did It Not?

why all roads lead to Lebowski, the search for the inciting incident, and the pitfalls of Deep Space 9 drinking games

009: Like A Child Who Wanders In To The Middle Of A Movie

Sad little mini-chapters of Donnie's journey, the Walters in our lives, and the utter failing of our inner manlinesses

008: I'm Throwin' Rocks Tonight

The hope that you are the guy that gets jettisoned back to earth, ball swapping, sparrots, mullets, and fancy waistlines

007: The Man In Me

the physics of ball spin and the logistics of filming it

006: Obviously You're Not A Golfer

the artifice of film and light and a thug drops a bowling ball

005: Ever Thus To Deadbeats

what Woo said and the Lebowski expanded universe

004: Ah Hell, I Done Introduced Him Enough

The Dude writes a check and the stranger concludes his VO

003: The Man For His Time And Place

Brad and Adam Discuss the third minute of The Big Lebwoski

002: The City Of Angels

Brad and Adam discuss the second minute of The Big Lebowski

001: Way Out West

Brad and Adam discuss the first minute of The Big Lebowski