162: Memories Of The Pewter Cup

Brain simulations, the grand tradition of pewter baby cups that the man or woman gives you and makes you go insane if you drink out of it, Adam and Brad wonder about to what extent they are being served, and measuring the men rain on the Puber-Banser scale.

comments | Posted on May 7, 2018

161: Brad gives Adam a solution to his problem

Biff ends up in deep water, the confusion relating the letter R, Penteconters, trying to get to the right solution, beggin' strips, welcoming oneself to Flavortown, copying and pasting past experiences as if they were present or future experiences, solving the mystery music, Parties in USA's, and Lip Sync Battle Cliffhangers.

comments | Posted on April 7, 2018

160: Any Vinyl Seat Will Do

A dispatch from Biff, an update on Brad's knee, wheat noodles, Siptember, more wintry mixes,the idea of friction, and Brad can't say what's been lost.


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Our Merch Has been Commended as being strongly Vaginal

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