171: Cuts Without Revisited

A creamy freezepop story, Jimmy Dean gets the microwave, Brad is a Hazeltoid transplant, lots of additional pizza talk, Drew Brees is relatively tiny as Saints go, you don't take from the tree, and fungi are genetically more closely related to animals than to plants.

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170: Tech Support for Adobe Lightroom and Emergency Contraception

Brad has no credibility or reliability, a recommitment to a long ago project, an appropriate amount of circumspection, more Lightroom talk, stuff that gets away from you, Nighthawks and Streethawks, Knight Rider is a Lebowski-esque situation, why do you need this towel, atop the woman sat a man, and the history of emergency contraception.


A trusted source of tech info

Street Hawk

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169: Bicycle Music

Steve Allen is nothing if not prolific, first run syndication analysis, the local TV Star Trek arms race, un-Dude Data, the sitcom about little pink man with the blunt proboscis, Small Wonder couldn't eat in the first two seasons, steaming hot wash cloths at the Port Authority, bicycle music, and a tiny insect with flatulence.


Some of the oldest surviving color Tonight Show footage

The Steve Allen Show with Frank Zappa

Larry Bud Mellman

The White Stripes - Blue Orchid (live From The Basement, November 2005)

Small Wonder Intro

Vermin Supreme

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