173: The Thing About Beans

Uses for bean water, garbanzo memories, dinky-adjacent salad bars, Cracker Barrel times a thousand, God's Cubbard, weird culinary waking fever dream, tonic talk, Guapo's buttery cuts, and the infamous jumpball.


Wendy's SuperBar

comments | Posted on January 16, 2019

172: Happy Santa Nuggets

Horse versus Santa nuggets, a longjohn hats, indigenous temperature talk, the Mister, zinc-coated cargo trucks, 100 leaders, velvety landscapes, mastabamid, fermented sugar water replete with petrified pine cone smoke, the children won't stop playing christopher cross, a little game of pick a hand or your hearing, nothing goes together like religion telephone and violence telephone, some mouth-horn christmas music, and gotta pump the pox.

comments | Posted on December 22, 2018

171: Cuts Without Revisited

A creamy freezepop story, Jimmy Dean gets the microwave, Brad is a Hazeltoid transplant, lots of additional pizza talk, Drew Brees is relatively tiny as Saints go, you don't take from the tree, and fungi are genetically more closely related to animals than to plants.

comments | Posted on October 15, 2018