149: Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Henry

100x speed apps, Brad doesn't know what a Manu Ginobili is, one or two way mirrors, faces and numbers receding back into the mist, Brad's lack of Elton Juan knowledge, a blank field of asparagus, the proto-christ, swifting, may-male and female, needing help with a picture frame, and emoting through one's penis.


Ro-Mansplaining (Gutterballs's sister podcast)

Hambagu House (Gutterballs's other sister podcast)

The Meaning Of A Wooden Photo Frame

Donald Sutherland Discussion

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148: Regarding Regarding Regarding Regarding Henry

Like a hobo Brad walks the many spaghettied path, a pretty great name for a cat, perfectly pristine pencil chewpoints, the 50/50 proposition of opening Brad's texts, slip-flops and crumples, The lack of skeletal structural integrity in great knee injuries throughout history, vehicle safety PSA, the physics of Henry's brain shot.

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147: Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride

We resume our discussion of The Tao of the Dude: A random spoit, a very special guest, oh boik, more inciting incident talk, screenwritinghelp dot com, he stole the rug undo, screenplayhowto.com, a turning point for act 1, a double pee, Lao-Tzu and the lousy, the wrong fonteyes and a thick 'N', and then we give up.


Julianna Keyes, On Writing: The First Act Turning Point

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