164: And Through The Door Was A Room

Au natural mannequins, the tribulations of being raised by a non corporeal life force, internal face-erasing clipboard, a pantyhose skin membrane, non-good human sounds, how hands were used in the 60s, that truth you like is going to come back in style, and Brad tells everybody to have a great time.


Zoom Quilt

Yeoman Rand

comments | Posted on June 7, 2018

163: Title Forthcoming

Brad zeegles, an epic party of red jumpsuits, refreshment subtitling, a deepcut beer koozie (cozy? I mean, you know the guy?), Lebron James epic fakeout, Wayne Gretzky's many teams, fictional baseball teams, and banquet beers.

comments | Posted on May 28, 2018

162: Memories Of The Pewter Cup

Brain simulations, the grand tradition of pewter baby cups that the man or woman gives you and makes you go insane if you drink out of it, Adam and Brad wonder about to what extent they are being served, and measuring the men rain on the Puber-Banser scale.

comments | Posted on May 7, 2018