140: Skarsgardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 9

12 Lords leaping in a Styx-like fashion, atop the trianglurish tumbler rap vehicle featuring aggressive and angry next-level beats sat a man, how Shazam can help Brad achieve his superhero dreams, gobsmacking blueballs, car-sickles, and knowing better than to argue with Eija.


Eija SkarsgÄrd about life with seven brothers

Brad's Dream Motorcycle Car

comments | Posted on March 29, 2017

139: Skarsgardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 8

Stephen Sondheim, shoe-horning mediums, the sadness of a closed Mexican restaurant, selective vegetarianism awash in the coming darkness, an intentional path, weird irrigation experiments, the benefits of various tine levels of forks, the possible leveling up of humanity, The ratio of Alexander's hands to head.

comments | Posted on March 22, 2017

138: Skarsgardians Of The Galaxy, Vol. 7

Backwards Styx mushrooms, some unbeholden to time revisits, return of the man on a bike attached to a tube attached to a bus, a little blue agate called Earth, gobsmacking CGI in Turner & Hooch 7, free-dickin' culture.

comments | Posted on March 14, 2017