167: Brad Goes To The Movies

It's not like flapping the Polaroid, Ladybird teases out memory pixels, reflections on Brad's ignorance, The snobby connection to the overlapping coffee and film Venn diagram, regular laws and irregular mutton chop eyebrows, and the sun hides nothing while giving the side eye to an entire metropolis.

Dennis DeYoung On Tour

Ladybird's look

Cloacas in the news

comments | Posted on August 13, 2018

166: Grape Nuts' Last Resort

Wristlet dogs, never go full 2/3rds, old timey new england catch phrases in fictional extra-terrestrial languages, different temporal segments of banned food coloring, Last resort of transcending the genre, edible gravel, the lack of Jaws 2, demi-Skars.

comments | Posted on July 30, 2018

165: Mastaba Sympatico Certification: Gutterballs 2, Chapter 1

Adam has some problems, he's just not that into true, duration of a little mastaba shape on your nutmeat head, methods for subtracting people from future movies.

comments | Posted on July 20, 2018