144: Johnson? - Dwayne Johnson

Once every million years you get just the tip. Brad and Adam are joined by a special guest to discuss the basics of professional wrestling and more specifically The Rock: His presidential aspirations, his funny car, his album, and his appearance on Star Trek: Voyager.



Josh vs Triple H

The Rock On Star Trek Voyager

comments | Posted on May 25, 2017

143: Regarding Regarding Regarding Henry

Following up on Caviar Night at The Olde Country Buffet, the good natured sexual harassment of the 80s, Regarding Henry toys at Kaybee, with BONUS: Brad's robot issues, business casual Admiral Akbar, imagining a rod, Bryan Mills jumps a fence, light saber world building, extra long danglers, the two important names.


Darth Light Saber replacement part (with dangler)

Extra long dangler

This is not what the dangler looks like

Bryan Mills jumps over a fence

Adam's prized possession

comments | Posted on May 17, 2017

142: Gutterballs Rewind: Seventh Son

Caribbean cruises, sinjins, 14 foot swells, the Ramirez saga, finger blues, non-nutritive food varnish, blazing kayak sledding trails and the toboggan problem.

comments | Posted on April 30, 2017