118: The Final Poopdeck

Angular bacon, Russian dolls within dolls, Glunk, Salacious Crumb, R2 is AC/DC, Super Mario Brothers, Peter Frampton as AI evolution, Enduro, Missile Command's perpetuity, farting Daniel Radcliffe, living at the intersection of humanity and technology, the dolly zoom is an unsettling in-camera effect that appears to undermine normal visual perception, just deserts, he's gone to Brad, culinary geometry of bologna and hot dogs, a hell of a read, the hardening process, a too-detailed description of these may have upon the moron, first-night scenes.


The Fonts of The Big Lebowski

All persons fictitious disclaimer

Brad's YouTube Opus: Mindy's Just Deserts

The Dolly Zoom

"Balance" - amazing drone work

Chinese Robocop

I Feel Fantastic

Fred Rogers is a badass

Telugu First-Night scene

Randall Balsmeyer

The Motion Picture Production Code - MPPDA - OCTOBER 1927

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117: Piacere Sequence

Grenade toss dynamics, cough styles, the CEO of OCP, Elon Musk is the benevolent Creator, political arty land grabs, Robocock, Ronnie Cox, fear of getting the Holodeck wrong, Next Generation-O-Verse, Gila Monsters go to Plaid, Piacere Sequence, the world is filled with Wiers, finding the balance between unity and contrast, Piero Piccioni, Brad hot-boxes, and balsamic piss.


Teo Usuelli - Piacere Sequence (1972)

Meredith Monk - Walking Song

Boddicker eliminates Morton

Moondog - Stamping Ground


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116: Señor Greaser

Que divertido! Tubular long-lipped creature, Rex Grizzelby vs Max Rebo, the problems with Snit and the Galactic Registry, some apologies, Brad is not good at sports, Brad's Achilles knee, penultimate seven, a tiny closet, a game of horse, a buttocks, and a prosthetic ass.


Brad's New Closet Recording Setup

Some background on Señor Greaser

AMSPEC - Stunt Sewing

Bowler Bid Farewell to Hollywood Star Lanes

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