223: The Versatility Of The Flat, Thin, and Round

Some laser disc and compact laser discs and digital versatile laser discs talk, the end of a daft era, fun with electricity, a little Fugees Braddaissance.


Plugging in things that shouldn't be plugged in

Intro music :All Out of Love by Air Supply

Outro music: Make Love by Daft Punk

comments | Posted on February 24, 2021

222: Diane, I am holding in my hand a small box of external hard drives

It gets cold when you're old, the merits of bargain computers, r-sync and the foibles of the desktop Dropbox app, Backblaze and other workflow talk.


Episode music:Back That Azz Up by Juvenile

comments | Posted on February 22, 2021

221: Groats Making Sense

Brad is happy to revisit oatmeal, toasted groats are the goat, talking Talking Heads,


Swiss oatmeal

Talking Heads, Stop Making Sense

Boalsburg, PA, birthplace of Memorial Day

Episode music: Genius of Love by Tom Tom Club

comments | Posted on February 19, 2021