216: Three Spots Away, Maybe

Unfun, why people watch movies, mass quantities of mashed potatoes, empty backwards places, and old match discourse.


Is It You by Lee Ritenour

Top of the World by Van Halen

comments | Posted on January 18, 2021

215: Man Does Not Live On Cold Soda Alone

Morph cuts, Sleeping in a bucket, fun with bicycle pumps and soda, Brad likes it both ways, and listening to Frank Zappa instead of trying to somewhat improve our show.


Odo Shapeshifting

Homer in the Real World

Van Halen, Hot for Teacher

Frank Zappa, Joe's Garage cover

Frank Zappa, Watermelon in Easter Hay

comments | Posted on December 24, 2020

214: A Real Half Kimono Turkey

The square is bigger than the duck, different yeast flavor profiles, half kimonos, very poor and somewhat dangerous driving habits, and we did not talk about Toobin with my tube out.


Lorelei single


Learn about Duck Hunt

And its accompanying Zapper

comments | Posted on December 11, 2020