264: For Unlawful Cardinal Directions

Consonant-only words, devoting 2 hours of your time to Dennis DeYoung, Vedic architecture, bungalow living, how Brad experiences a bagel, all phenomena are empty, getting all the way past the varnish, I Once Was A Pert.


Gettin' real with Thennis TheYoung

Vedic architecture

Bungalow living

Plymouth Rock

Episode music: Speshil Bonistrak by thurmite

comments | Posted on April 9, 2024

263: Printing In The Background

Being busy but not having anything to do or not having anything to do but being super busy, Bizzy noina frieda, tree cannot grow without roots, tomato plant, what America runs on, Brad's choice of visuals in the art for ep 261.


tape worm bear

Episode music: From Across Field19 by thurmite

comments | Posted on October 14, 2023

262: Shoogleman's Wall Times Ten

Is junior and the second the same, non-euclidean geometry strikes again, the lady that makes a chicken sound, gobstacking, can lawn care be Barmecidal, it's the laminar flow, an epic miss that is somehow adequate, and shoogleman's wall times ten, that's how we live.


Barmecidal lawn care

Laminar flow

The Barmecide Feast

Adam playing basketball

Episode music: Six Pops by thurmite

comments | Posted on September 10, 2023