005: Ever Thus To Deadbeats

Brad and Adam are joined by an interior designer to discuss the finer points of the dude's abode, including but not limited to: what Woo said, word dancing, the paradox of the poetic general and the muscle, raising one eyebrow at a possible out of character one-liner. The full Kenny Rogers Roasters Experience complete with psychedelic beaded curtain, shower curtain rod engineering, the inevitability of time and mortality as played out in distressed bathroom fixtures, flaws in the rules of the universe regarding toilet paper, how to hit a lazy guy below the belt, Jeff Bridges's realization of transcendency, the truth of the false archway, Dude-level prized possessions, the price of rugs in Rockville, the blonde treehorn thug's biography (From the Lebowski EU (expanded universe - not be confused with the Lebowski AU (alternate universe), where the thugs go to the correct Lebowski residence)).

Posted on October 27, 2012
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