009: Like A Child Who Wanders In To The Middle Of A Movie

We count down to predictions, fear of the unknown, the length and subtlety of diegetic Dylan songs, sad little mini-chapters of Donnie's journey, the Walters in our lives, the one shared pixel of a social Venn diagram, the Dude's mysterious approach, the utter failing of our inner manlinesses, blueblockers, the beautiful clarity of HD television without a television, wooden Eskimo goggles, the limits of unchecked aggression, more sparrotting and recycled dialogue, the difficulty of separating "preferred" from "nomenclature," the risk of a completely new story and why they don't exist, the origins of the Dude's hair clip, the nontimelessness of early 90s Miller Lite commercials, Adam's lack of understanding of the differences between Rocky Balboa/Apollo Creed/President Camacho, beer logo dissection, how to freeze a bayou, the least known Baldwin and the haggardness of Stevie B.

Posted on January 27, 2013
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