054: You Want A Toe?

Walter's Small Walter butt parasite forehead, cavaluelessness, how unravelling gauze relates to The Dude's understanding, Balrogs and Morgoth, a bike in a tree, the politics of Atlas Shrugged, why a brick is more impactful than a building, a lonely menu, a Brother Seamus driveby, the physical benefits of PT Cruisers, tinkly and stirring, Boogie Nights ripoffs and Philip Baker Hall overacts, and a giant nut on Adam's finger.


On the Film's 15th Anniversary, Mapping The Big Lebowski

Tree grows around bicycle

Body hygiene- Which is healthier and cleaner: shower or bath?

TWIn PEAKS PROPS: Flesh World Magazine (Original)

What did or would Walter Sobchak's dog tags say?

Ayn Rand...how do you pronounce her first name?

VW Beetle

The ZZ Top Eliminator: Profile of a Hot Rod

the verve lead singer

Posted on April 13, 2014
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