077: Wave Of The Future, Dude

Digital lo mein, low mane, Buzzfeed's hardhitting reporting, Michael Bay's inscrutable nonsensical product placement and robot racism, a possible Joel Coen or Gimli the Dwarf sighting, Virtual Valerie and Leisure Suit Larry, X-Man and Custer's Last Stand (Google at your own risk), John (No C) Reilly and Friends, pornographers are early adopters, the We're In precursor, concrete couches, and the physics of Treehorn's pool ripples.


The Most Depressing Buzzfeed Article of All Time

John Reilly and Friends

Digital Lo Mein?

the Sheats Goldstein Residence


Henry Mancini

An article from the early nineties on interactive erotic software

Posted on January 29, 2015
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